This is some crazy soap.

You might remember Crazysoap's meteoric rise in the early years of the third millenium. Having predated Facebook and YouTube, it was really the catalyst that brought Web 2.0 and the social media revolution to your face area. And that it did. Thanks to Crazysoap and its partners, social media has brought you wonders like Farmville, Anthony Weiner, idiots holding iPads up in the air to Instagram the Mona Lisa for some reason, and, of course, the alt-right (or as it's sometimes known, that command in your browser to go forward one page in your history).

Yes, Crazysoap's legacy is as monumental as it is undeniable. However, it waned over the years, due to severe in-fighting by the executive leadership and some scaling issues on account of the fact that it ran on what was basically a glorified player piano that happened to have an ethernet port. Within a couple years of its inception, it fell off the counter of history and into the paper shredder of obscurity, which was then hauled away in some kind of trashcan of obsolescence. I don't know, I'm not a history guy. But the once king of the Internet became a mere nobleman, doomed to be only mostly the greatest thing ever.

Hark! Off in the distance! Could it be? Are my eyes deceiving me? No! It's Crazysoap! It's back, or something! Stay tuned.